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School Staff

List of our school staff

Head Teacher  

  • Miss L Baxter

Principal Teacher 

  • Mr C Lund

Class Teachers

  • P1 - Mrs K Melia
  • P1- Miss L Beaton
  • P2 - Mrs L Reid & Mrs N Bashir
  • P3 - Mrs L Docherty & Mrs K Harding
  • P4- Miss M Bendall
  • P5 - Mrs L-A Stephenson & Mr C Lund
  • P6 - Miss N Robertson & Mrs N Bashir
  • P7 - Miss J Gilmour
  • RCCT - Mr S McCrudden
  • RCCT - Mrs E Grenfell
  • RCCT - Mrs M Keenan 

Support For Learning

  • Mrs S Oliver
  • Miss N Robertson

Nursery Staff

Miss K Wilkinson, Early Years Officer (Graduate)

Mrs C Hadden, Early Years Officer

Mrs G Ahmed, Nursery Nurse

Mrs K Harrison, Nursery Nurse

Mrs J Harrison Nursery Nurse

Mrs L Mazs, Pupil Support Worker

Miss C Murray, Pupil Support Worker

Mrs P White, Pupil Support Worker

Pupil Support

  • Mrs T McCardle

  • Miss C Murray

  • Mr L William

  • Miss l Thomson

  • Miss L Watson

  • Miss D Harris

Office Staff

  • Mrs L McManus (Secretary)
  • Mrs S Murphy (Clerical)

FMA (Janitor)

  • Mr P Nicol


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